Switched-mode modular system HFS

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Modular systems HFS consist of the following parts:

  • up to 3 power modules HFM-A
  • common control unit (module)
  • optional communication module

The modular station power-supplies can be, if equipped with communication modules, connected to the network and remotely administrated and serviced via this network.

The service centers are the core of the service network. The service center consists of two basic applications: the Service Center application and the BST/CMS-3 Extended HMI - PC application. Maintains the database of all administered devices – power-supplies and UPSs - including their telephone numbers, locations and the communication modules access passwords. It displays this database as a table. Receives and records alerts from all the communication modules about devices faults. It displays these alerts either in a table or in a detailed view. It analyses received alerts and according to them it highlights every particular line, each belonging to a single device. Allows linking up a connection with a selected location (a communication module) and provides this connection to the BST/CMS-3 Extended HMI - PC application for a detailed administration of the devices in a location chosen.


The BST/CMS-3 Extended HMI - PC application allows full administration of the power-supplies - functionally identical as from the menu of a power-supply control unit. This application also allows administration of UPS. This application is functionally and visually identical as the BST/CMS-3 Extended HMI - CE application that is running in the communication module. The BST/CMS-3 Extended HMI - PC application can communicate with the devices using three different channels - direct serial connection between a PC and a power-supply control unit, a connection with the communication module in a location chosen via a modem and the service network set-up by a user, a connection with the communication module in a location chosen via a modem and the service network set-up by the Service Center application.

Maintenece of the power supplies is not difficult. All operation information can be accessed from the control unit and also from the remote PC if there is any. It is recommended to check measured operation values and to clean the power supply once a year. The repairs are provided within warranty terms. EPRONA offers the product comparable with its competitors and believes that it will find its place in the market.

We standardly offer the following systems:

24V DC HFS 24/200 HFS 24/400 HFS 24/600
110V DC HFS 110/100 HFS 110/150 HFS 110/300 HFS 110/450
220V DC HFS 220/100 HFS 220/150 HFS 220/200 HFS 220/300

Do you need another voltage ? Another power ? Yes, everything is possible ! Call us ! We are sure that you can choose single switched modules HFM-A a HFM-D for smaller power.

hfm a
hfm d

General specifications

Input voltage 3 x 400VAC ±10% 50Hz-60Hz
Output nominal voltage 24-48-110-220V 24-48-110-220V 24-110-220V 110-220V
Output nominal current 100-100-50-25A 150-200-75-50A 200-100-75A 150-100A
Charging characteristic IU / IUoU
Charging modes Float Charging (typically 2.23V/cell)-Boost Charging (typically 2.4V/cell)-Manual Charging (typically 2.7V/cell)
Output ripple voltage < 1%
Dimensions (w x h x d) 600 x 1800 x 600 mm (800 x 2000 x 600 mm - HFS built from 100A modules)
Weight appr. 200 to 300kg according to the type


    • power-supplies for all medium to high power DC loads
    • rectifiers in DC systems with a battery backup
    • railroad signalling systems
    • industrial control systems
    • low-voltage switched mode power-supplies
    • charging and buffering of stationary batteries in powerstations


    • 3-phase system 24, 110 or 220V in a compact 19" rack
    • modular design - up to three power modules HFM-A in parallel provide an option of a flexible choice of the required output power
    • power modules controlled by a stand-alone control unit (module)
    • hot-swappable power modules
    • RS232 interface
    • option of the remote control and administration via a phone line, GSM or Internet (TCP/IP)

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