Battery Identifier - PowerModem

carrying information about a battery via charging cables



A Battery Identifier (PowerModem) is designed to be permanently connected to a battery. It provides important information about a battery service within its lifespan. The device has been developed to work together with the Central Monitoring System (CMS) of a charging station.

Secondly, it is possible to use it independently for the indentification of a battery that is connected to a charger.

So that batteries of different types, voltages, capacities and chemical reaction types are charged instantly, automatically without any interference of the operator, and always with an optimal setup of the charging profile !

It is only possible to use the ID-B identifiers in applications where Eprona chargers equipped with the ID-HFR charger identifier are used.

The data about a battery are kept in the ID-B identifier together with its firmware, and are stored permanently without a chance of their accidental deletion - not even by disconnecting the identifier from a battery nor other manipulation. Thus it is possible to read the data anywhere. It is possible to re-programme the identifier to modify the data in it. In that case ask the manufacturer or optionally use a programmer with a software that we also deliver.

The ID-B identifier is supplied from a connected battery. The ranges of the supply voltages are 8 to 30V and 34 to 110V. Idle current take-off is comparable to a level of common battery deprivations so that its capacity is not decreased.

The connection of a charger and a battery with the ID-B identifier is the same as for a standard situation - that means power two-core cable. All the communication between the charger and the battery is realized through this cable up to a distance of 50 to 200 meters (depending on a level of surrounding interferences – standardly 100m with no problem). Any other (data)cables are not necessary.

Using identificators in case when chargers are linked up by optical fibres into a LAN, it is possible to transfer all the data about the charging into a central PC and get maximum overview about a charging station operation. As well as it is possible to administer a better statistics about the usage of connected batteries, their failure rate, number of charges and other operation-technical parameters.

idf3Transferred data:

  • nominal battery voltage
  • nominal battery capacity
  • gassing voltage
  • maximum battery voltage
  • temperature compensation factor
  • recommended charging current I1
  • battery type – chemistry
  • charging characteristic
  • mode of the charging termination
  • battery number
  • date of a powermodem installation
  • date of a battery installation
  • firmware version


  • length of the power cables up to 200 meters
  • easy installation
  • all the data about a battery are stored directly in its identifier ID-B
  • reprogrammable
  • low self power consumption


  • battery identification when connecting to the charger
  • works together with the Central Monitoring System (CMS) of a charging station

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