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The DC backup power-supplies consist of either one cabinet - so called monoblock, or set of several cabinets from 24V to 220VDC. Their main parts in the second case usually are:

  • rectifier
  • battery
  • control system and signalling
  • DC protection circuitry

DC backup power supplies - are used mainly for supplying of control voltages in distribution plants, supplying of various control systems as well as emergency lightening.

Modular backup power-supplies - a rectifier consists of several modules in parallel to increase reliability mainly in unmanned plants.

Thyristor backup power supplies - are used for higher power outputs and longer backup times.

Monoblocks - compact backup power supplies in one cabinet including batteries and tailored DC output protection.

DC switchboards - solve customer requests for connection of rectifiers, batteries, protections, operational as well as service buses, and possibility of diagnostic of different operating conditions.

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Optional accessories

Signalling of Earthground Connection SZS2

Battery Loop Watch-Dog HOB

Comparing Relay NR

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