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A traction lead battery charger ONBOARD has been designed to be placed directly onboard forklifts and other handling vehicles, cleaning machines, electromobiles etc. A special care was put on the internal construction to ensure the highest mechanical endurance and operational reliability in worse working conditions. Because the installation inside a vehicle is supposed where the intake of the cooling air can be restricted, or the air can be preheated, the cooling ability of the charger is higher than it is really necessary. It influences the dimensions of the chargers however the ratio power / dimensions appears quite good (186W/dm3) so that the charger ranks at the top in its category.

The charging control as well as the control of the middle-frequency converter is commited to a 8-bit microprocessor that together with the SMD technology ensures maximum level of reliability as well as high flexibility to a customer needs. Thanks to that feature we are able to offer you your individual solution for traction batteries with capacities from 35 to 500Ah.

At the moment we offer a few charging characteristics (IU, IUIa, Ia SAFT NiFe) and voltage options (24, 80, 180V).

The range of the output voltages or charging characteristics is going to be gradually expanded according to your requirements.

Now available in 3 modifications:
  • 24V/70A
  • 80V/25A
  • 180V/12A

The ONBOARD chargers are not on stock. They are produced per order in quantity about 10 pcs.

Optimum capacity of the charging batteries for cyclic charging (charging where the battery is repeatedly charged and discharged in cycles with a different time duration) is from 80Ah to 500 according to the charger's power.

General specifications

Input voltage 230V ±10% 50-60Hz
Maximum consumption per phase 15A
Nominal output voltage 24-80-180V according to the type
Nominal output current 75-25-12A according to the type
Charging characteristic IU-IUIa-Ia-SAFT NiFe
Dimensions (w x h x d) 185 x 205 x 335 mm
Weight 12 kg


  • microprocessor control
  • compact high power
  • keep your ONBOARD onboard
  • several optional charging characteristics


  • handling mobile devices
  • forklifts, electro cars
  • railway vehicles

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