Traction battery charger HFR48

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Traction battery charger HFR48 is a successor of our previous models and comes up with a lot of improvements and changes that are reflected in better performance parameters, better efficiency and a downward influence to a supply network as well as broader possibilites of a new control unit.

The new construction as well as using new key components has allowed radical increment of the output power thus the output current. The device is manufactured in a basic version of 80V - tthat allows charging batteries (12), 24, 48, and 80V, and a version of 48V. The 80V version allows selection of the charging current up to 120A, the 48V version up to 180A. Because of this feature, the charger can be used for a standard charging of high-capacity batteries up to 1000Ah. At the same time the charger allows accelerated or boost charging of low-capacity batteries without being overcharged. Typically, it is possible to charge accumulators that are used in cleaning machines, forklifts and other machines where capacities of the batteries typically vary from 150 to 250Ah. The charge of 85–90% of the nominal capacity can be done within 30 to 70 minutes.

The charging to be as much effective as possible as well as the most regardful to the batteries, the device is equipped with a control unit that is built on a platform of a 16-bit industrial processor INFINEON SAB167. The features and the setout have arisen from experiences that our technicians got when developing the former control systems. The control unit potentialities are truly extraordinary eventhough the unit is built with a maximum respect of its final price.

The charging process is fully automatic. The charger will test a battery voltage and select a corresponding charging profile stored in a memory. The charging process is temperature compensated according to a temperature of a battery being charged.

Using a potential free contact, the charger allows the control of an external air-conditioning. If the external air-conditioning works correctly, it is possible to enable charging via a potential free contact too.

The charger's features can be expanded by a battery identifier with a connection to a Central Monitoring System.

Unattended charging

Are you interested in unattended charging? Skip to Battery Identifier, no additional cables are needed!

 General specifications

  HFR48 80/85 HFR48 80/120 HFR48 48/180
Input voltage 3 x 400V ±10% 50Hz-60Hz (supply network TN-C-S)
Maximum consumption per phase 32A
Nominal output voltage 24-48-80V 24-48-80V 12-24-48V
Output voltage selection automatic according to a connected battery
Nominal output current 85A 120A 180A
Charging characteristic IUIa (standard), optionally other
Recommended capacities range 270-800Ah 400-1000Ah 600-1650Ah
Dimensions (w x h x d) 510 x 650 x 350 mm
Weight 67 kg


  • high power, efficiency and range of charging voltages and currents
  • optional charging characteristic
  • advanced control of the charging process
  • output voltage automatic selection according to a connected battery
  • alphanumeric display for an easy reading of all the measured values and operation status
  • link-up with a PC and others


  • handling devices
  • high capacity batteries
  • quick and efficient charging

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