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The THG line represents low voltage, compact, reliable and efficient rectifiers with high output currents up to 30000A. The power-supplies reach efficiency 75 to 95%. They are delivered as complete cabinet units including a control unit, control panel and cooling system. The whole power-supply is ready for a simple and quick installation and starting-up.

This line of the galvanic power-supplies is delivered for a wide range of applications in different industrial branches. They are used as DC power-supplies for surface metal treatment, for industrial refining processes, electrolysis and the like.

They are standardly manufactured as 6-pulse ones, and for the highest power and currents as 12-pulse ones. Both of them are delivered with polarity reversation on request.

The core of the power-supplies are the rectifiers with thyristors on the secondary side of a transformer with a current regulation. Most often this unit uses double 6-phase star with interphase reactor. The function of the power-supply is automatic - in dependence on setting of a reference current value, firing impulses for thyristors are generated so that a set value is kept with changes of the input voltage or load. The range of a current regulation is 0 to 100%.

The power-supply is also equipped with a several protective functions analysed by the control unit. The control unit also manages switching the rectifier on and off and softstart of the transformer.

The THG rectifiers can be easily integrated into superior automatic systems. The following options are available:

  • analogue loop 4 - 20 mA
  • RS485
  • ProfiBus

 Upon a customer request we deliver:

  • forced air cooling
  • water cooling

sdoOther option: Most of the power-supplies is (upon request) delivered with a remote control box (RCB). Look at it right here !

Do you need smaller power supply ? Look at switched rectifiers HFG !


  • compact design - all in one cabinet
  • high efficiency
  • output current up to 30kA
  • air or water cooling


  • feeding with stabilized DC current or voltage
  • electrochemistry processes
  • galvanic coating
  • eloxing
  • electrocleaning
  • electrolysis

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