Switched modules HFM-A and HFM-D

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hfm a


Rectifiers of the HFM-x series are a combination of modern switching AC/DC converters and flexible 19" mechanical construction.

The advanced circuitry design provides a wide input voltage range, high efficiency, small dimensions and low weight. It is possible to order both types of the modules in a range from 24V to 220V and with the output current up to 200A.

A constant voltage and/or constant current control manages to correct the output voltage deviations that are caused by the input voltage or load transients within a very short time.

Optionally adding a gauge of the output voltage and/or a potentiometer for setting-up the output level for the module HFM-A.

A microprocessor unit (for the D-type module) with a 2-line display and 5 control keys on the front panel provides continuous monitoring of the input and output voltages, output current as well as all important temperatures and offers an easy adjustment and programming of the output parameters.

The RS232 serial interface (for the D-type module) allows monitoring of the output voltage and current and transmitting of all the parameters and measured values to a connected PC in real time. The connected PC can be used for the system setup and its control (option).

Ask us for a delivery of a customer-tailored module with your parameters ! It is not a problem ! We challenge your requirements !

hfm d

User interface - module D:

  • setup of all the operational parameters including alarms, communication parameters etc.
  • measurement of the output voltage, output current, battery temperature (optionally)
  • history of events with a time stamp
  • indication of the changed values and a logged user
  • user management - 3 levels of the access to the functions

Relay contacts - D-type module:

  • general failure
  • 6 configurable contacts standard setup:
    • remote switch-off 1 and 2
    • battery undervoltage
    • mains failure
    • summary failure
    • boost charging

Monitoring - both A-type and D-type modules:

  • output voltage high/low/delay
  • overcurrent/failure
  • battery temperature (optionally)


  • D-type module - the RS232 interface for a link-up with a PC
  • A-type module - possibility of connection to the control system - module, eg. within the HFS system

Do you need even bigger power ? Look at the switched module systems HFS !

General specifications

24V DC HFM-x 24/100 HFM-x 24/150 HFM-x 24/200  
110VDC HFM-x 110/50 HFM-x 110/75 HFM-x 110/100 HFM-x 110/150
220VDC HFM-x 220/25 HFM-x 220/50 HFM-x 220/75 HFM-x 220/100
  x = A - a module with no control unit || x = D - a module with the control unit
Dimensions (w x h x d) 495 x 240 x 610 mm (580 x 240 x 610 mm - module 220/100)
Weight 45kg (60kg – module 220/100)


  • wide range of the output voltages and currents
  • compact 19" design
  • high performance, low weight
Extra for the D-type module:
  • integrated digital control unit with a 5-key keypad
  • RS232 interface for connecting a superior PC
  • configurable potential-free contacts for a remote signalling


  • power-supplies for all medium to high power DC loads
  • rectifiers in DC systems with a battery backup
  • railroad signalling systems
  • industrial control systems
  • low-voltage switched mode power-supplies
  • charging and buffering of stationary batteries in powerstations

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