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Multipurpose power-supply/charger (thereinafter power-supply) Fj45 12V/24A, 24V/15A a 48V/8A is designated for an installation in a cabinet or another purpose-built appliance that works with or without station battery connected. They are designated mainly for automatic operating charging.

The mechanical configuration allows built-in mounting into distributors on both horizontal and vertical panels as well as DIN rails. The operation position is vertical.

Signalling of the operation status is provided by the LEDs:

  • green – AC mains OK
  • yellow – DC current
  • red – failure - signalling of the failure – reduction or elevation of the DC voltage

The Fj45 power-supply is equipped with the overvoltage protection that switches the power-supply off and signalizes the failure at dangerous elevation of the output voltage.

Stabilized voltage is temperature- compensated using an external sensor. If there is no sensor connected, the setup corresponds to an ambient temperature of 25°C. The power-supply has a natural cooling without the forced air circulation.

Special setting

When specially set to 1.44V/cell, it is also suitable for charging of NiCd batteries as well as gel-type batteries. The charging goes on according to the IU type charging characteristic.

Setting of the output voltage

 The power-supply allows fine regulation ±1% of the output voltage using a regulation screw on the front panel. To increase the output current or voltage the Fj45 power-supplies allow both parallel and serial operation.

The power-supply can be ordered with an increased dielectric strength 4kV and it is certified for using in applications in Czech railways (ČD, a.s.).

The charger FJ45 DS - with remote signalling

fj45dskontakty m

The power-supply Fj45 DS is equipped with a remote signalling connected to CAN9 plug on the front panel. There are two free-potential contacts 24V/100mA. One contact watches overvoltage the other one undervoltage. Both voltage levels can be set including hysteresis for each contact.

General specifications

 Fj45 12V/24AFj45 24V/15AFj45 48V/8A
Input voltage 230V ±10% 50Hz
Maximum input consumption 3,5A
Nominal output voltage 12V 24V 48V
Output voltage adjustability according to a customer requirement
Output current adjustability 0 - 100%
Output current ripple 1%
Charging characteristic IU
Dimensions (w x h x d) 100 x 240 x 155 mm
Weight 3,3 kg


  • charging of Pb and NiCd batteries
  • certification for using in applications in the Czech railways (ČD)
  • remote signalling - Fj45 DS
  • charging of Pb GEL batteries


  • upkeep charging of a battery at the same time with the power take-off of appliances connected in parallel
  • direct supply of appliances that require stabilized direct current voltage
  • charging of a battery according to the IU type charging characteristic
  • float charging of batteries in signalling and safety installations, in emergency lighting in both residential buildings as well as industrial objects

A registration for using a charger Fj45 in applications in Czech railways

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