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  • We offer individual visitation in your company. You can not come to us? It does not matter, we will visit you in arranged term.
  • We arrange a service of our products in the whole Czech republic by our service engineers and service representatives.
  • Direct sale for retail prices to a private persons and wholesalers as well.
  • In addition to our standard products we also offer custom solution and cooperation on your projects in electrotechnic and mechanical production.
  • Our eloxal plant is prepared for your products.
History and present of EPRONA

The joint stock company Eprona is a traditional manufacturer of rectifying and charging equipment. The beginning of the production dates back to 1944 when a branch of Siemens, which was bombed out during the World War II, was moved to Rokytnice nad Jizerou. Both the production and R&D of selenium rectifying plates took place there simultaneously.

The company had more owners after the war, i.e. Krizik Co., Tesla, and ČKD. The production range remained the same though. Before the privatisation the company was a part of a national enterprise Elektropristroj Prague and a part of the ZSE Prague concern.

In 1990 the company was privatised at the first stage of the voucher privatisation. The General Assembly of new owners had changed its name to Eprona Ltd.

At present the Eprona brand stands for intelligent charging, supply as well as rectifying systems that feature the newest technologies, components and innovations. They are reflected in better performance parameters, better efficiency and a downward influence to a supply network as well as broader possibilities to a user. However, the systems are built with a maximum respect of the power and features / price rate at the same time.

What we produce

We manufacture processor-controlled chargers for all types of batteries from automobile and truck accumulators to high-capacity traction batteries for forklifts and other electric-powered handling and cleaning machines and other applications. Selecting an optimal charging characteristic, we are able to prolong a battery service life so that participate on a rapid investment return and long-term savings on energy budget.

Over a 90% of the production of distributors is delivered to ABB Norway and is further distributed worldwide.

In 2004 we have developed a switched-mode modular power-supply system HFS, that allows a customer choosing from a wide range of voltages up to 400V and currents up to 600A by operating up to 4 power modules together in parallel.

Our high-current switched-mode rectifiers HFG with current up to 4000A and thyristor rectifiers THG with currents up to 30kA find their use mainly in galvanic and eloxal lines in all spheres of industry, further refining processes, electrolysis, chemical purification and others.

The company possesses all modern production, technological and testing equipment to offer its customers complexity and fast and high-quality tailored solutions of a worldwide technical and quality standard. Currently it employs about 80 people. We deliver our products to all industry spheres, automobile and train garages and depots, traction battery charging station and others. The company is an important supplier for the following business partners: Skoda VW Group Mlada Boleslav, Ferona Prague, Czech Republic Air Forces, Crystalex Novy Bor, Carborundum, Mitas Prague, Czech Airlines Prague, Czech Airports Authority Prague, Czech Railways, Czech Cargo Waterway Transport, Barum Continental Otrokovice, BAZ VW Group Bratislava, ABB Group Switzerland, ABB Group Norway, Statron Switzerland with all its regional branches and others. We cooperate with manufacturers and importers of charging equipment and accumulators.

EPRONA a.s. has a certification ISO and other certificates.

What can you find here

First of all chargers and industrial power-supplies for wide range of applications. In addition to our standard products we also offer custom solution. Visit us or contact us.

We are also engaged in mechanical production. We offer production of distributor cabinets, various boxes, profiles and other products made of sheet metal.

Your products will get professional look in our eloxal line.

EPRONA, a.s.

What we offer

  • individual visitation in your company
  • service of our products in the whole Czech republic by our service engineers and service representatives
  • direct sale for retail prices to a private persons and wholesalers as well
  • custom solution and cooperation on your projects
  • our eloxal plant is prepared for your products

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  • mobil: +420 725 552 198
  • email:zalska@eprona.cz

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