Universal battery charger NB22P & NB22N

adjustable high-performance charger

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The battery chargers NB22P a NB22N are designed for charging of lead and alkaline batteries with nominal voltages up to 24V or 48V. The chargers are not suitable for charging of lead jelly-type batteries.

The output voltage is freely adjustable from 0 to 24V or from 0 to 48V, charging current from 0 to 30A or from 0 to 15A. This type of the regulation allows also charging of batteries with nominal voltage 6V and 12V or charging only one battery cell. The charger is also suitable for initial charging of a new battery (known as battery forming). Maximum constant charging currents are 30A or 15A.

The charger is equipped with an automatic termination of charging for nominal battery voltages 12V and 24V or 24V and 48V. There is a timer at the front panel for this feature.

Special built-in voltmeter allows checking a battery as well as the functionality of a vehicle battery charging system.

The chargers NB22P & NB22N are suitable for equalizing charging (it is a compensation of differences between battery cells). See the operating manual for detailed instructions.

General specifications

Input voltage 230V ±10% 50Hz
Maximum consumption 6A
Nominal output voltage 48V-24V-12V 24V-12V-6V
Nominal output current 15A 30A
Charging characteristic Wa for 48V a 24V for 24V a 12V
Charging characteristic W for other batteries 6V-48V for other batteries 6V-24V
Dimension (w x h x d) 260 x 420 x 495 mm
Weight 29,5 kg


  • continuous regulation of output values
  • charging of lead and alkaline batteries
  • charging of only one battery cell possible
  • automatic termination of charging
  • built-in testing voltmeter
  • protection against short circuit at the output and against reversing of polarity


  • cars
  • trucks
  • initial charging of a new battery

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